Meet Debbie

Chief Planner & Designer

At the early age of 5 years old, I walked in my first wedding. From that age, I was eager to create a memorable experience at any event I could put my hands on! My passion grew, my excitement and talent was undeniable. Today, I am creating events that match unique love stories, corporate missions, and social agendas. I prove that through a unique process that I bring all of my clients through.

Before becoming a full time Event Planner at A La Mode, I spent two years studying Industrial Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Leadership, Motivation and People. Soon thereafter, I became certified in Wedding/Event Planning & Design as well as Obtaining a certificate in Event leadership. I understand how to take charge and how to problem solve. I am creative and efficient. One important fact about me is that I work well with people. I love everything events! I am a Wedding Planner & Designer that travels. I can help with all of your needs from any destination to NYC.

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